U-Tapao International Airport

Provide passenger and ramp handling with a combination of standard procedure and multiple full set of wide-body and narrow body supporting equipment to service all type of aircraft including A380.


Tel :66(0)2137 1610 / 66(0)2137 1549
Fax :66(0)2137 1675

Ramp Equipment

Aircraft Towing Tractor up to B747
Air Condition Unit
Air Starter Unit
Baggage Cart
Cargo Cart
Cargo Tractor
Wide-bridge Loader
Container Dolly
Conveyor Belt
Ground Power Unit
Main Deck Capability
Micro Bus
Pallet Dolly
Passenger Step Vehicle
Passenger Step Trail
Passenger Bus
Aircraft Towbar: B747, B777, B767, B737, A340, A330, A300, L1011, DC10
Toilet Service Truck
Water Service Truck

Passenger Services

Arrival Departure Handling
Lost Found

Operation Assistant

lDispatch/Flight Release/Flight Filing
Crew and passenger Accommodation
Flight catering
Flight permission
Meteorological documentation
Aeronautical information
Flight movements
Cabin Cleaning