Khon Kaen Airport

Provide passenger and ramp handling with a combination of standard procedure for wide and narrow body aircraft

Tel :66(0)2137 1610 / 66(0)2137 1549
Fax :66(0)2137 1675

Ramp Equipment

Aircraft Towing Tractor
Air Starter Unit
Baggage Cart
Cargo Tractor
Lowerdeck Loader
Wide-bridge Loader
Container Dolly
Conveyor Belt
Ground Power Unit
Pallet Dolly
Passenger Step Vehicle
Passenger Step Trail
Aircraft Towbar: A320, A300-600, B737
Cabin Cleaning

Passenger Services

Arrival Departure Handling
Lost Found
Royal Silk Lounge (22 seats)

Operation Assistant

Flight Filing
Crew and Passenger Accommodation
Meteorological Documentation
Flight Movements
Aircraft License Engineer: A300-600, B737-400
Fuel Truck Provided by PTT with maximum of 27,000 liters/truck